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VIDEO: Turn your used Chevy Volt into a bat-house

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Volt Battery Box

GM releases a very handy video showing how you can re-use your Chevy Volt’s battery box as a nifty house for bats.

No manufacturer can afford to ignore the green movement.  Electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and hybrids are simply the start.  Now, every single item used in the manufacturing process must be either recycled, reused or repurposed.  Landfill items, or any waste by-products are completely out of the question.  The extent to which auto manufacturers are going is getting a little bit kooky.  This story is not intended to say bat-houses are kooky.  Just for the record this author has a bat house on his property he built himself (second photo).  The bats totally ignored it, but hornets made a nest inside, and woodpeckers put a hole through it within 15 minutes of it being mounted.  So it is a habitat of sorts.

Volt Bat House


In the video, GM’s Waste Reduction Manager uses Volt battery boxes that were rejected on the assembly line.  None of those are available to the public, so you will have to first buy and use up a Volt.  The first step is to open up your Volt and remove the battery box.  Then set aside the rest of your Volt for other projects.  Next, you create the multi-layered bat rooms with wood imported along with car parts from Europe, and with some screen that the bats will like to cling to when they are inside.  Next, you assemble the box as shown in the video.  Once finished you mount it about 30 feet up.  Unlike the author’s wooden bat home, this tough thermoset plastic is completely woodpecker proof.