Watch US Marines Drift an Abrams M1 Tank on Ice

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Tanks on Ice

There are certain skills every driver should learn.  Driving in snow is especially challenging and takes time to master, but what about drifting an Abrams M1 tank across the ice?

You’ve just discovered a giant gap in your driving education, haven’t you? We at BestRide do not know how to drift a tank on the ice. This is only because we have never been given the chance, although I’m personally willing to pay good money to see our fair editor give it a try. It sure would make getting to work during the next blizzard a lot easier.

It might be a lark for us regular folk who work in places where no one is shooting at us, but if you’re a member of the armed forces, then it’s a skill you might need in order to survive. This is why the USMC took a trip to Norway for Exercise Cold Response 2016. They made the trek in order to train troops on how to handle frigid weather, including the aforementioned tank drifting.

They joined the Norwegian Home Guard at one of the largest live-fire ranges in Norway where the exercise is held. It’s an annual event that includes NATO allies and partners from 13 countries.

The purpose of the exercise is two-fold. First, it’s a chance to learn from the Norwegian military’s expertise in cold weather operations. Second, it’s a chance to work with other countries and enhance our abilities to work on joint crisis response. It’s also a chance to drift a tank on the ice.

They worked with the Norwegian Telemark Battalion to learn the ins and outs of driving tracked vehicles on a snow and ice track. The Norwegians drove their Leopard 2 while the Americans piloted M1 Abrams tanks. It’s pretty impressive driving when you consider the weight of the vehicles these guys are slinging across the ice.

According to Jalopnik, they also took smaller amphibious assault vehicles out for similar testing. There were even cones set up as guidance on this course for the guys to slalom through with varying degrees of success. Heck, if we did this we’d be lucky to even stay on the course, so color us impressed.