VIDEO: Chevrolet Pioneers The Smartphone Cooler

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For 2016, Chevrolet is introducing a remarkably simple innovation that keeps your smartphone from overheating, which potentially could extend your phone battery’s life.

Wireless charging will be available in the 2016 Chevy Impala, Volt and Cruze, and with it, Chevy is including Active Phone Cooling, which is essentially an air conditioning vent that slides shoots cool air beneath your phone.

Active Phone Cooling

As simple solutions go, this is one of those brilliant, why-hasn’t-this-been-done-before features. Some luxury models pipe cool air into the glove box and/or center armrest bin, but here’s the first vent that is expressly for your phone.

Active Phone Cooling

It’s wise for Chevrolet to be addressing the smartphone’s well-being, as much as the phone works in tandem with the car’s technology. With the Impala, there’s Apple CarPlay compatibility (sorry Android users), and Chevy’s MyLink dash interface can pair with 10 devices at once. And, there’s standard 4G LTE connectivity, and the 2016 model has a Bluetooth-based text-to-speech function.

So yep, your smartphone has plenty of opportunities in the Impala and Volt and Cruze to turn into something that feels like a hot coal when you slip it into your pocket. A vent that will keep the temperature down serves to keep the phone’s processor and battery from cooking themselves, particularly in a hot car.

Mind you, it works only when you’ve engaged the climate control. Although if you are feeling hot, then you’re phone probably is too, and so it will probably typically be win-win for the both of you.

Active Phone Cooling

Wireless charging isn’t for everybody – it’s not available on the 2016 Impala LS or 1LT. You’d need to step up to the 2LT and order the Technology Package, or go all the way up to the LTZ with the Advanced Technology Package.

It is unfortunate that Chevrolet limits this option when smartphones are in such widespread use.

Active Phone Cooling

But on the bright side, wireless charging on these trims automatically includes the Active Phone Cooling.

Even if APC just an extra A/C vent, it is still a plainly useful feature, and we’d expect others to adopt it soon.

Here’s Chevrolet‘s video that explains the feature’s development.

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