TECH: Take a Ride on the Ford EcoBoost Skateboard

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Ford EcoBoost Skateboard

There are plenty of ways to get around town, and not all of them involve a motor. But this skateboard does.

Ford decided skateboards ought to be a little more like cars, so they strapped an EcoBoost engine to one and let Dolph Lundgren take it for a spin.

The EcoBoost is a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine that can produce up to 200 horsepower if it’s properly tuned. It’s small but mighty and the engineers at Ford decided the best way to show it off was to add it to things that really shouldn’t have an engine with this much power, or at all.

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They enlisted the help of actor Dolph Lundgren in a series of videos showing what happens when you let engineers have a little fun. It starts with a 123-horsepower engine, which is somehow stuck onto the back of a skateboard and then let loose on an airport runway.

It’s very Top Gear, but without the destruction of property that usually happens at the ends of these kinds of stunts. Why Lundgren? Because not any man would be willing to put on a racing suit and a helmet and careen down a runway on a thin piece of wood with wheels.

Turns out, Lundgren isn’t quite up fro the job either, at first. Some poor guy eating a donut gets first crack at this slice of crazy and makes it up to 60 MPH before he decided he doesn’t want to die and hops off.

That’s not even close to top speed, so Lundgren steps up and takes his own ride on the EcoBoost skateboard. Of course, he’s not content to just fly down the runway. He adds in a ramp jump at the end, but is that a mannequin? Now things are starting to look a little Mythbusters. Nah, must be our imaginations.

This isn’t the only Frankenstein creation Ford makes with the EcoBoost. They also equip a pitching machine with an EcoBoost engine. This takes the machine’s usual pitching speed of up to 90 MPH all the way to 200 MPH. The question is, can a mere mortal hit a ball shot from this machine?

Last up is the blender from hell. Your average blender might have trouble getting those ice cubes finely chopped, but the EcoBoost blender has no trouble at all chopping anything. It’s so powerful it requires additional modifications that turn it into the Blender of Brutality. Fruit, silverware, and lumber are no problem.

Hey, you never know when you might need to finely mulch your kitchen table.

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