VIDEO: New Audi Owner Puts Backup Camera To Full Use On Laurel Canyon Blvd.

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audi backwards

The latest viral video is a driver in an Audi negotiating L.A.’s Laurel Canyon Blvd. – backwards.

The driver of an Audi with dealer plates may have been trying to impress his gal-pal when he drove a considerable distance in reverse in an Audi.  The driver kept up with traffic and more or less drove the route like other forward-facing drivers.  The center line was crossed a couple times and there was the stop-light at Hollywood Blvd. that came and went without any notice, but hey, that’s a passing grade on most American roads these days, right?

Our guess having watched the video is that the driver isn’t using the rear-view mirrors as his only guide.  The smooth flow of the car’s progress makes us think that the driver was looking at the rear-view mirror and using the car’s rear-guidance lines to keep the Audi on its intended course.

KTLA says that the police have the name of the dealer and are planning to determine who was driving the car.  Laurel Canyon has been home to many famous entertainers such as Jack Nicholson and George Clooney.  Graham Nash wrote “Our House” about Joni Mitchell’s house in the area.  The median price of a 2-bedroom house on the street is about one million dollars.