VIDEO: New Electric Vehicle Battery Charges in 5 Minutes

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One of the biggest objections buyers have to electric vehicles is waiting for the battery to charge. No one wants to waste all that time, especially if they’re on a road trip with many miles and many more charging stops in their future. StoreDot developed a new battery that eliminates this problem. It reaches full charge in only five minutes.

They say that five-minute charge makes an electric vehicle good for 300 miles, which more than covers the average person’s daily travels. On a road trip, it’ll make the endless drive a lot easier to manage. Your vehicle could be fully charged in less time than it takes to stop for a bathroom break and grab a cup of coffee.

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It’s called a FlashBattery and it ditches the usual graphite found in Li-ion battery cells. Instead, it has layers of nano materials and a proprietary organic compound. It charges more quickly and StoreDot says it’s also safer because FlashBattery is not flammable and has a higher combustion temperature.

The company showed off its creation at CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin. It was the first time they demonstrated the product in public and although they didn’t get it to a full charge, that was only because they ran out of time on the stage.

This new battery isn’t in any cars yet and is still in development, but the company is confident. They expect to have the FlashBattery in production electric vehicles within the next three years.

A 300-mile range in only five minutes is a tempting proposition. It could overcome the final hurdle for many people considering electric vehicles, but there are still questions.

StoreDot hasn’t said what kind of charging infrastructure the new battery requires. If it charges in five minutes, but there aren’t compatible charging stations readily available, then it’s not going to solve the problem.

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The next thing you’re likely wondering is how much it costs. StoreDot hasn’t put any numbers out there, but they say it won’t increase the cost of electric vehicles. The manufacturing process doesn’t require expensive, specialized equipment and won’t be any more costly than the standard Li-ion batteries in use today.

If all that’s been holding you back from buying an EV is the thought of spending hours waiting for it to fully charge, just wait a few years. StoreDot’s new FlashBattery could make waiting for a charge a thing of the past.