VIDEO: Tesla Shows Off Autopilot Technology

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Tesla does things their own way, which means you won’t see commercials airing during the big game or any other time. They don’t do commercials and they don’t do dealerships. People who own Teslas, however, create lots of videos to show off all of Tesla’s unique features. Autopilot has been getting a lot of attention, so Tesla decided to make their own video of this autonomous technology. It’s not a commercial, rather a promo video you can view online.

Since the Autopilot rollout, there have been a few issues that show how autonomous tech can easily be abused. A feature called Summon lets you pull a vehicle slowly out of a parking spot or into one using only your smartphone for guidance. Owners can stand outside of the car and direct it forward or back. There’s no turning, so it won’t be zipping around a parking lot, but it is a handy feature.

There’s also a semi-autonomous mode that will steer the car on the open road, keeping it safely in its lane without the aid of the driver’s hands. This is a convenience feature that lets the driver take something of a break while they’re still behind the wheel and it’s where things went south.

In no time at all, people decided to push the limits of Autopilot and do things that were frankly unsafe. There are instances of people speeding complete with tickets when they were caught, and at least one guy who tried it out while riding in the backseat with no one behind the wheel at all. Disclaimers were everywhere on that one, but it likely gave people some ideas Tesla would rather not have them try.

As a result, Elon Musk announced that Autopilot will be getting an update that will make it more difficult for people to do the wrong thing and abuse autonomous features. Tesla also decided they’d had enough of amateur hour and came up with their own very slick video.

It shows a guy walking into his kitchen as his car pulls out of his garage to await his arrival. The video then follows the man out onto the road where the car drives itself and manages automated lane changes on the highway. The whole thing wraps up with the car parallel parking all on its own.

You might not have the cash to park a Tesla in your driveway, but now you can at least see how all that fancy tech works.