Shop for Your Next Car in Virtual Reality

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Everyone loves having a shiny, new car in their driveway, but a lot of consumers are still fearful of the buying process. Evox Images aims to make it better by adding a dose of virtual reality.

It sounds futuristic, but it’s a future that’s much closer than many people think. Remember not too many years ago when smartphones were a novelty? Now they’re commonplace and Evox sees the same thing happening with VR technology.

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The company has an expansive database of 360-degree and VR images that are photo-realistic. Ever notice how the pictures you see of cars on an automaker’s site look too perfect? The images Evox captures aim to give you a true idea of how your new car will look once it’s in your driveway.

Rather than keep their images confined to your desktop or smartphone, Evox created an app that brings vehicles to life in virtual reality. Relay Cars lets you see the whole vehicle, inside and out, so you can decide exactly what you want before you even walk into a showroom.

The app is available on Samsung GearVR and on Google Cardboard for Android with over 1,300 vehicles and counting. We had the opportunity to try out the virtual reality technology at the New York Auto Show and see what it’s like to shop for a car in VR.

The app is easy to use with crisp images that let you get a good look at the car you choose. The exterior shots are great, but it’s when you get inside the car that the app truly shines. The 360-degree view lets you see anything you want from the seats to the pedals to the steering wheel controls.

You can also quickly change your view to see different trim choices. One click switches from a manual to an automatic transmission so you can view the reconfigured center console. The same goes for different fabrics and accent materials. Create exactly the car you want to buy all in a virtual reality world.

There is also a Relay Cars Pro app designed for use by dealers once you do arrive at the showroom. If you’re looking for a unique trim they don’t carry on the lot, the app lets you take a closer look before you place that order. It even lets the salesperson see what you’re looking at so he can follow along and provide input to help you make your choice.

Virtual reality might seem like something out of the future, but apps like Relay Cars make it a part of the car-buying experience today.

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