BMW Z1 repair Water jug

VIDEO: Watch This Guy Fix a BMW Z1 Door with a Bathroom Scale, Water Jug, and Some Baling wire

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BMW Z1 repair Water jug

In case you are not a fan of  obscure BMW sports cars, we will tell you that the doors of a BMW Z1 (Zed One) are unlike any you may have seen.  They are power-operated, and they drop down into the door sills.  Repairs are daunting, but no worries.  Edd China of Wheeler Dealers fixes the fussy door of this BMW with a large water jug, a bathroom scale, and a bit of baling wire.

Repairing any premium German automobile is always expensive and tricky.  Fixing a rare vintage premium German car is a bit more of a challenge.  The BMW Z1’s doors are operated by a pretty complex system of levers, rack gear, and toothed belt operated by two motors and a series of micro switches.  After revealing the innards, Edd goes on-line and looks at how the door can be tuned up.  He finds that a loose belt may be the trouble.  20kg is the proper tension and this car’s belt is loose.  There is a hook on the belt tensioning arm on which to apply the specified force, but how?

BMW Repair Z1 Scale

Edd opts to find a plastic water jug, top it off to a weight of 20kg, weigh it on his bathroom scale and then suspend it on the tension arm hook.  Total material costs?  Zero.  Genius.  In a prior episode, Edd repaired an Audi TT transmission by making a special tool and replacing a hidden aluminum rivet with a 50 pence nut and bolt.  The man is amazing.  Watch the repair in the video below.  It begins at about minute 28 if you prefer to skip to that section.