Wheeler Dealer Laminate Continental water transfer print

Wood Veneer Restoration: We Can Do This the Easy Way or the Hard Way…

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Wheeler Dealer Laminate Continental water transfer print

One of the most difficult good-condition used car parts to find or create for a classic car restoration is the interior wood veneer.  That may be about to change as our favorite man with the spanners, Edd China, shows us.

Wood veneer in your classic car needs to look the part, or the entire interior is a let-down.  In our first video below, Edd China of Wheeler Dealers demonstrates the old-school way to refinish a veneer.  He is an artist.  The meticulous, time-consuming, and skillful way he approaches the refurbishment of this Jaguar console is a  thing of beauty any car lover will respect, as you can see in the first video.


The old-school way is to carefully remove the old veneer.  Then, using woodworking skills, and a lot of careful construction, rebuild a veneer to be overlaid upon the substrate.   The image below this text shows the end result of that method, and you can see how close the match is.

veneer wheeler dealers jag comparison


However, Edd also knows that in some cases the final look and feel can be achieved much less expensively.  The new trick is water transfer printing.  As we explained in our story about alloy wheel refinishing, water transfer allows for any look to be placed upon  a metal or plastic substrate.  In this more recent episode of Wheeler Dealers, Edd refinishes the wood trim on a classic Lincoln Continental.  The results are stunning.  The effort and cost, far less.  The main story image at the top of this story shows the parts that were returned to former glory using this more modern process.  You can see the show’s reveal of the car in the video below.