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Would You Pay an Extra $1500 Just For The Latest Car Tech?

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Just how much would you pay to add a little extra technology to your next car? Your answer probably depends a lot on how flush you are with cash the day you walk into the dealership and how tech obsessed you are in general, but the answer for most of us is up to $1500.

That’s a lot of money to get things we didn’t even know we wanted in our cars five years ago. Heck, a lot of new technology didn’t even exist five years ago, but we all still managed to get from point A to point B without running into each other, for the most part. The lure of new options that make that drive better are catching hold and features that were once seen as luxuries are increasingly being viewed as necessities.

According to Bloomberg, a Harris Poll found that of the 1033 people surveyed, it was both safety and convenience features that had them paying extra. At the top of the list were back-up cameras. New laws will require these in all vehicles under 10,000 pounds by May of 2018 and they’re already standard in many cars, but not all. Not only is this a safety feature that can save lives, but it also helps avoid those parking lot fender benders that make our wallets a little lighter.

Also sitting near the top of the list are USB ports and smartphone charging capabilities. Anyone who has kids and has ever had to go on a roadtrip with only one outlet for charging the family’s gadgets can see why these features rated so highly. No one wants to have to keep bulky portable chargers at the ready when some cars now even offer charging pads so you don’t have to plug in your gadget at all.

Not only are people willing to pay for technology in their cars, they’re willing to hold off on a new car purchase when they know that exactly what they want might be coming out the following year. About half the people surveyed said it would be worth a year-long wait. Automakers don’t want you to wait to buy, so getting new tech into their cars as quickly and affordably as possible is more important than ever.

Cars will read your text messages, give you directions, charge your phone, and in the near future, even drive themselves. Everyone wants that technology. We’ll pay for it and we’ll wait for it, but the automakers that get it in our hands first stand to win big.