Tesla Model X is Officially Fast and Expensive

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Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model S has been something of an enigma since it was first announced. There have been renderings and sketches, but the real deal has been elusive. Tesla has made it one step closer to real by sending out invitations to configure the car for those who placed reservations.

Their configurator is now set up to let people spec out the cars that will be the initial run of the Signature Series Model X. There’s no lesser version available right now, only the top of the line Signature Series. The Signature Series will come only with a 90 kWh battery that has an EPA-estimated 240-mile range.

The price on the Signature Series Model X is high, starting at $132,000, but that should be no surprise to those who reserved one. The regular Model X required a $5,000 security deposit, but the Signature version required a $40,000 deposit. That’s more than the cost of some new cars outright, so whoever plunked down that kind of money for a car with no delivery date must be a hardcore Tesla fanboy.

You’ll get quite a ride for the price with a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. If that’s not fast enough, don’t worry, because the Ludicrous Speed upgrade is available for an extra $10K. According to InsideEVs, this will improve your performance numbers to a 3.2 0-60 run and an 11.7 second quarter mile.

There are two additional option choices available along with the high-priced Ludcirous Speed. You can add a Tow Package for $750, which includes a 2″ receiver, 7-pin connection, and tow mode software that gives the Model X a 5,000 pound towing capacity. The Subzero Weather Package adds a heated steering wheel, three-zone heaters for the second and third row, heated washer nozzles, and wiper defrosters for an extra $1000.

Even without the options, the Tesla Model X has nifty features including sensors for opening the falcon doors in a garage of any height, an automatically retracting rear spoiler, automatic emergency braking, parking sensors, and blind spot warning. The Signature Series also has Autopilot with self parking and automatic steering, air suspension with GPS memory, ultra high fidelity sound with satellite radio, leather seats that are heated and cooled, and a power liftgate.

Those who reserved their Model X can look forward to finally driving one at the end of this month with deliveries currently set for the end of September.