That One Time a Woman “Stole” a Car She Confused with her Rental

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There’s not a soul out there who hasn’t accidentally walked up to the wrong car in a parking lot. Maybe it’s almost where you parked and happens to be the same color, but it’s not your car and no matter how many times you angrily press the key fob, it won’t open. Unless you’re the woman in Cornwall, Ontario who managed to drive away in the wrong car.

She rented a black Nissan Sentra and then made her way to Walmart to do a little shopping. When she left Walmart, she got back into another black car and drove away. The problem was it wasn’t the black car she rented.

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Instead it was a black Infiniti that belonged to a man who was also shopping in Walmart. He returned to where he left his car, found it missing, and called the local police department. They treated the whole thing like a vehicle theft.

Meanwhile, the renter of the Nissan continued to drive around in her accidentally stolen Infiniti until it was time to turn it back into the rental company. Technically, she wrangled herself a nice upgrade since Infiniti is the premium branch of the Nissan brand, but she was quite displeased.

It seems the owner of the Infiniti didn’t keep his car as tidy as the usual rental and there was even a pair of golf clubs in the back. The rental car manager, seeing an Infiniti key being returned for a Nissan rental was somewhat confused.

Off they go to the Walmart parking lot where her Nissan is still sitting there exactly where she’d parked it in the first place. Mistake realized, they call the police and things get sorted out. The Cornwall Community Police Service posted about the incident on their Facebook page along with an explanation of how it happened.

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Seems the owner of the Infiniti was a trusting soul and left his key fob in his car while he was shopping. Instead of the woman who accidentally took it not even being able to open it, she simply sat down and drove away without a second thought.

Even if you live in a small town where everyone knows your name, think twice before you leave your key in your car. This was only a mistake and one that was happily, but it could have gone quite poorly had the wrong person found themselves sitting in an Infiniti with the key ready to go.