The Children’s Book About a Mouse and Her Tesla

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Tesla mouse book

We all aim to teach our children things we think it’s important for them to know. It starts early with colors and shapes, then numbers and letters, and somewhere along the way we have to teach them how to drive. It’s also important that they have an appreciation of the right cars. My Tesla: A Love Story of a Mouse and Her Car makes sure they love cars that are fast, expensive, and electric.

This is a real book that can be purchased on Amazon right now so you can get your kid started on the right path to vehicle ownership. It’s a fully illustrated book featuring a bright red Tesla and Maxine, a little brown mouse who wants to own this car when she sees one in the mall.

She is amazed by the awesome acceleration and awed by its beauty. It is a magical creature, not unlike a unicorn or a mermaid. Expect to see that pop up in Tesla’s marketing materials in the near future.

According to Autoblog, the author of this book is Joan C. Gratz who is an animator and director and also happens to own a white Tesla that she purchased on impulse. Yes, some people apparently walk into the mall and splurge on an expensive pair of shoes while others splurge and buy an entire car.

Gratz wrote the book after buying her car, basically turning herself into Maxine the mouse in the story. Maxine loves her car and is very happy with it despite those who think she’s ostentatious. That word, “ostentatious” is actually used in the book. This is surely going to help out the tots when it comes time for SATs.

This might be a real book for children, but here’s definitely a fair bit of humor here that’s only going to resonate with adults. It’s more about how much Gratz loves her car with it giant touchscreen and environmentally conscious ways than it is about educating kids.

There are probably more than a few Tesla fan boys who will be buying this book, not for their kids, but for themselves. It’s easy to imagine this sitting in the average Tesla owner’s cubicle tucked behind a picture of the wife and kids on summer vacation.

Is there actual educational value to this children’s book? Nah, not really, but it’s still a fun look at how passionate people become about their cars, especially those who own unicorns like the Tesla.