The Results Are In: Nobody Wants A Yellow Mustang

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We got a quick note from the PR team at Ford regarding the colors that most people choose when they buy a brand new Ford Mustang. What’s for certain is that if you bought a yellow one, you’re in a distinct minority.

Our Public Relations contacts noted that Mustang sales are up 32 percent this year, making it the best selling sports car in America.


All those people buying Mustangs have really limited taste in colors, though. Almost 25 percent of Mustang buyers are choosing the non-color black.

At the very bottom of the list, with a take rate of just 5.04 percent is Triple Yellow. Which is odd, because two of the lead photos on the Mustang page at are Triple Yellow.


The sad part is, there are only ten colors to choose from. Color charts from 1964 list a dozen colors.



What’s your favorite Mustang color from years past? A 2015 Mustang in Phoenician Yellow¬†might be just the ticket.

Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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