There Is Officially a Petition to “Save Jeremy Clarkson”

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Jeremy Clarkson

If you follow the world of cars even the tiniest bit, then you’ve heard the news that Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear. The BBC says, in a very British statement, that it’s all over a “fracas” with one of the show’s producers.

The nature of this fracas has not been made entirely clear, but the rumor is that Clarkson took a swing at someone. They haven’t said which of the show’s many producers was the possible recipient of this possible punch, but they did confirm Clarkson’s suspension.

There also won’t be a new episode of Top Gear this Sunday with the remainder of the series in doubt. The hosts were, unsurprisingly, making light of things on Twitter with suggestions of movies that should run in place of their show. Every single one was a tip of the hat to an earlier fracas in Argentina that had the hosts fleeing for their lives.

As for Clarkson, well, he’s the guy you either love to love or love to hate. He’s brash. He’s loud. He’s offensive. He’s all the things that get people’s knickers in a twist. Those that fall on the side of loving him have started a petition to have him reinstated to the show.

You can find the petition on and it already has over 300,000 signatures from adoring fans who want him and the show back on the air. The petition is short and sweet with no long diatribe about the myriad reasons why Clarkson should be reinstated.

It simply includes the hashtag #BringBackClarkson and demands “Freedom to Fracas” which I have to admit would make a brilliant bumper sticker. The petition is directed at the BBC, which has likely seen and chosen to ignore the petition.

Clarkson has been in the news a lot recently for offending one group or another. In October it was the Argentinians who were upset over a license plate they say referenced the Falklands War. In July it was a racial slur used to refer to an Asian man and in May it was another racial slur that was actually cut from the broadcast.

This time it’s not people outside the show but people within the Top Gear organization that are having an issue with Clarkson. The BBC says that he is suspended while they conduct an investigation so there’s no way of knowing how long this particular fracas will last.

You can pass the time by signing the petition or, better yet, make a “Freedom to Fracas” bumper sticker because that needs to happen.