These BestRide Test Vehicles Earned The Strongest Reaction From the Public

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Here are the vehicles that the public goes gaga over. 

Dodge Challenger GT AWD

We at BestRide are fortunate to be able to test some of the world’s best vehicles. About 95% of that testing occurs on public roads. During our tests, regular folks, strangers, and friends and family as well, will often go cuckoo for our test vehicle. Other vehicles don’t even earn a second glance. Here is a quick rundown of the vehicles that the public goes bananas for.

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BMW i8

The BMW i8 we have tested on a couple of occasions had one of the strongest reactions. People would stop to take pictures, beep and smile with a big thumbs up in traffic, and walk towards it when we parked. The i8 has a lot of visual punch. Its doors open up, not out. It is low-slung and has the distinct look of a supercar. You can actually look through the i8’s body panels from some angles. BMW nailed the look and vibe of this green machine.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider was the vehicle that attracted the most folks who wanted pictures, to sit inside, and to know what the heck this thing was. Like the BMW i8, it has a unique look all its own. We tested it in yellow, which helped. However, the 4C had a trick to attract attention. It had the loudest, raspiest exhaust note of any vehicle we have ever tested, despite being powered by one of the smallest engines. It would shake windows as we passed.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Jeep Wrangler

There is something special about the Wrangler. Just driving it makes you grow a five o’clock shadow and a fleece vest appears over your shoulders. You begin thinking about mountains. The really crazy thing is that folks that see you driving also experience this syndrome. When we tested one of the first 2018 new-generation Wranglers, folks would stop and talk. They knew the vehicle’s lineage better than we did. We’d try to keep up, but Jeep people are deeply attached to the model. The new Wrangler has the look of the icon and can be outfitted with a hybrid engine. Jeep hides little Easter eggs all over the thing. There actually is a lot to talk about when folks stop us.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

Jeep Gladiator

Our Nicole Wakelin tested the Gladiator first in our group. She reported, “Everyone from preteens to farmers to people on the street lost their minds over this thing.”  Not only do they lose their minds, but they also engage in the Jeep Wrangler wave. No community is tighter-knit than the Jeep folks.

Dodge Challenger

When we asked West-Coast tester Philip Ruth which vehicle he found the most appealing to passersby his answer was quick and definitive. He said, “Dodge Challenger. It doesn’t matter what spec. It always gets looks. Even an SXT V6 had someone slowing down for a second look when I was shooting it.” If kids’ opinions matter (and we say they do), the Challenger is also a favorite of the young ones. When we tested the Challenger in our hometown, the neighbors’ kids jumped in and would not leave until they had a blast around the block. In a V6 GT! They kept calling it “the Hellcat.” Who are we to disappoint them?

The vehicles above are the ones that stood out to the public when we tested them. Looking back now on our list we are only a little surprised to see that all but one are made by the same parent company.  FCA America is like that family of crazy daredevil kids you knew growing up. Lovable and notorious at the same time.