This Dude Built His Daughter a VW Microbus Bunk Bed for $100 and it’s AWESOME

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You do crazy stuff for your kids, but it doesn’t have to involve a ton of money. This guy — called DIYDad, who has a YouTube Channel and Blog about a really cool treehouse he built, too — took a cheap bunk bed he found on Craigslist and transformed it into the coolest VW Microbus bed you’ve ever seen.

DIYDad’s daughter was turning three and her crib days were behind her. She was infatuated with Volkswagen Microbuses, so he wanted to find her a bed she’d love. He ran into two problems, though:

“I’d looked into lots of different kinds of toddler beds, and there were plenty of cool ones — but the cool ones were expensive,” he wrote on his blog. “I’d seen on Instructable (and passed over) another VW bus bed a guy had built from the ground up, but it looked like it was beyond my skills, so I continued to ponder.”

So he started thinking about building something that used an existing bunk bed’s framework, and just attaching panels to it that would make the construction a lot easier.


The stroke of genius came when he was scouring the local Craigslist “Free” section and found a guy right up the street giving away a bunch of Volkswagen Super Beetle parts: A bumper, a door panel and four hubcaps.


He ended up scoring a metal twin-size bunk bed on Craigslist for $30 bucks, and then got to work with the saw.



“I decided I’d basically build a sort of half-moon box in the front to fit the bumper, and mount a steering wheel on that,” he wrote. “Then I’d hang a couple of bus-shaped side panels from the bunk bed somehow, and that would be that.”


It ended up turning into a feat of engineering and construction, but the finished product is about the coolest bunk bed you’ll ever see, and a testament to what a dad will go through to make his kid happy.


The video test drive proves it’s a solid project.

You can see just the photo gallery at imgur, or you can visit DIYDad’s killer blog
to see his crazy treehouse build, too.

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