Car drownings Florida

VIDEO: What Do You Do if you Drive into Water?

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Car drownings Florida

As the snowbirds depart from the Northeast by car, many worry about snow and ice on the ride down.  They should also consider water.  Florida not only tops the nation in car drownings, it is way ahead according to an article this week in the Naples Daily News.  It isn’t the ocean, but the canals that seem to be the danger spots.

BestRide is fortunate to count John Paul, AAA’s  Manager, Traffic Safety,  Southern New England as a contributor.  We reached out to John and asked him what a driver should do if they find themselves in a crash related to water.  John says, ”  If for some reason you end up in the water the most difficult thing to do is not panic.   If the door is jammed then try one of the other doors. Finally you may need to break a window–which is harder than it looks and will require some determination on the part of the occupants.”  We would be remiss if we did not share John’s added comment that water-related crashes are very rare overall.

Other experts agree with John and emphasize that getting out fast is the top priority.  They also suggest getting a tool to help you break the window.  This video shows just how important a quick escape can be.

Lest you think that trouble escaping a sinking car is just an urban myth, here is Myth Busters proving that is not the case.

Florida has about three times more car-related drownings than any other state.