THROWBACK THURSDAY: 1969 Ford LTD, “a Pretty Jazzy Setup”

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Back when Speedvision used to show actual videos of cool cars instead of just NASCAR broadcasts all day, it ran videos of Car and Track, an awesome 1960s and 1970s road test show. Here’s their take on the 1969 Ford LTD.

Car and Track was the first syndicated auto racing and road test show in the United States. It originally aired between 1967 and 1975, and for a time ran on CBS. At one point, it was on in 160 different markets and covered over 250 different racing events.

Bud-Lindemann-BestrideThe show was hosted by the velvet-voiced Bud Lindemann, a guy about 74 percent as cool as the sport coat he picked for any given episode. Lindemann made his entire career covering televised racing, and his work eventually appeared on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. 

Their 429-powered 1969 Ford LTD review is classic Car and Track, with some great Bud Lindemann one-liners thrown in for good measure: “The automatic transmission shifted as smooth as liquid velvet.”

Car-and-track-camera-angle-LTD-BestrideWeird camera angles were also a Car and Track hallmark. Nothing makes you want to buy an LTD more than seeing it upside down.

Of course, Car and Track handling and braking evaluations are the whole reason to tune in: They’re a testament to exactly how much torture a 14-inch, bias-ply tire from the 1960s can withstand.


“You could smell these brakes from all the way around the track as more smoke belched from under the wheel wells,” Lindemann says, as the tortured LTD clamps the binders one more time.

The 60 mile per hour braking test is epic, with the test driver jamming his foot to the mat for a dramatic four-wheel lockup, front bumper just inches from the pavement, rear-end high in the air.


“For a soft-sprung car,” Lindemann qualifies “body roll is not too bad.” Under this narration, you get to see 4,300 pounds of Dearborn steel hung over like the crew of a the USS Nimitz the Sunday morning after Fleet Week.

Check out the entire video below, and thank the deity of your choice you’re not driving on rubber like that every day.




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