Throwback Thursday: Toyota RV-2

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You know what we need? More factory-built recreational vehicles, like the wildly futuristic, oh-so-1970s Toyota RV-2, which was built as a prototype for the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show.

“Tomorrow’s Recreational Vehicle” was based on the Toyota Corona Mark II chassis, and featured room enough to sleep four people, though they’d better be pretty close friends, and by the look of it, two of them had to sleep outside.


It was powered by Toyota’s 2563cc inline six-cylinder, mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Custom beds, tables and chairs all folded and tucked inside the RV-2’s sleeping quarters, which opened up like a clamshell. A canvas top went into place to keep the rain off as you slept.


It never went into production, unfortunately, and the only time anybody saw it was at the show, and in a few magazines from that era.

Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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