Time-Lapse Video of Tesla Model 3 Build Makes it Look so Easy

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Building a car isn’t easy. It’s a complicated process from the first sketches to the finished product with everyone from engineers to designers to executives chiming in with their thoughts on the process. Then there’s the government regulations. Those regulations help keep us safe, but add another layer of complication. It’s not easy, but this video of a Tesla Model 3 coming together on the assembly line makes it look like a breeze.

It starts off as nothing but a shell, but quickly begins to look not just like a car, but like a Tesla. All it takes is the addition of the dashboard with its huge screen. It’s a bit of a mesmerizing process and in this time-lapse the whole thing happens in all of 48 seconds. In the real world, it takes a bit longer and has proved something of a challenge for Tesla.

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The waits to get a Tesla, regardless of the model, have been notoriously long with promised delivery dates coming and going without the appearance of a vehicle. The Model 3 was particularly challenging.

It was a hit before anyone had a chance to drive it with preorders and their matching deposits far exceeding what Tesla could produce at the time. CEO Elon Musk initially planned for 5,000 units per week, but backed that number down to about 2,000 last April.

By the end of 2018, estimates put production at just over 150,000 units of the Model 3 with about 4,611 rolling off the assembly line each week. That’s still not quite the goal Musk originally set, but it’s a big improvement over the 2,000 per week they were building last spring.

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The increase comes from working out the bottlenecks and simplifying what is a complex process. Tesla is still a new kid to the automotive world and it’s still learning.

What looks simple, especially condensed down into a 48-second video, isn’t simple at all. If there’s a single part that’s not in stock, if the supply chain timing isn’t perfect, the whole process comes to a halt.

Model 3s are rolling off the line at a steady rate and customers are taking delivery of the cars they ordered months ago. You can even order a Model 3 today and have it delivered in January according to the online ordering page. Just be prepared to wait more than 48 seconds for it to arrive.