Top Five Most Complained About Cars of 2014

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The day you walk out of that dealership with a set of keys and a shiny new car, you are in love with your new set of wheels. It’s perfect and it’s beautiful and you’re going to be together forever because you’re in love, but that feeling doesn’t always last for long.

Sometimes, before you’ve even made that first car payment, you start to wonder what you were thinking when you decided to buy the frustrating hunk of junk in your driveway. It’s not as comfortable as it was on the test drive, the hatchback sticks, handling isn’t good in the snow, or that infotainment system is so complex it makes you want to smash the screen with a hammer. The luster wears off eventually for every car, but there are some cars that really drove people completely nuts in 2014.

Car complaints are all tallied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and are part of how automakers often decide to investigate and possibly even issue a recall on a car. The Center for Auto Safety has taken that data and compiled a list of the cars owners complain about the most. They took into account the number of a given model sold versus the number of complaints to get what they call a Complaint Index Ratio.

Sitting at the top of the list as the most complained about car is the Nissan Pathfinder with a ratio of 29,527. The list behind the Pathfinder is then rounded out by the Infiniti QX60 (23,691), Hyundai Santa Fe (23,657), Ford Focus (13,179) and Cadillac ATS (11,181).

Those numbers aren’t the actual number of complaints, just the ratio they calculated, but you can see you just how much worse that number is for the Pathfinder than the number 5 car, the ATS. It’s interesting to look at that top five because it includes three SUVs that run the price spectrum from high to low, along with two cars that do the same.

Looks like dropping a chunk of change on your new ride doesn’t ensure a lifetime of happiness, but hopefully you at least love your car until it’s paid off and you can replace it with something even better.