Toyota Camry Accidentally Does Daredevil Jump

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Anyone who every watched The Dukes of Hazzard has wondered if they could manage one of those crazy jumps the Duke boys always pulled off. It seems like it would be pretty simply given the right circumstances, but you’d need the right car and the right place. You can’t just do that sort of thing on a whim. Unless you’re the driver of this Toyota Camry who jumped a bunch of cars at a dealership.

It’s worth noting that the Toyota Camry isn’t exactly the kind of car you’d expect to see pulling off this trick. A guy in a Charger or some souped-up Civic, sure, but not a Camry driver. They’re mild-mannered sedan drivers not hot shots.

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Well, the driver of a Toyota Camry in, Florida (of course) proved everyone wrong. The man behind the wheel started to feel a little dizzy and lost control of his car. That took him from the road to the grass before he hit the berm and launched into the air in a move that would make Bo and Luke Duke proud.

The car soared for 139 feet over a bunch of cars parked at the Crystal Ford dealership and managed not to hit a single one. It neatly jumps over the whole line before crashing to the ground next to a guy who probably needs a new pair of underwear now.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the adventure. As the Camry hurtles through the parking lot it clips two parked SUVs and does quite a bid of damage all around. According to witnesses, the dealership was crowded with people and all that stopped the Camry from going right into that showroom was the Lincoln Navigator it hit near the end of its run.

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Spectrum Bay News 9 reports that no one was hurt, not even the driver who took his Camry on the ride of its life. He was taken to the hospital and was shaken up, but otherwise okay.