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Toyota Camry so safe it saves man from 11 story building fall – Video

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Window Washer Camry

A man washing windows in San Francisco this week learned just how amazingly safe the Toyota Camry is.  He fell 11 stories and landed on top of  a moving Toyota Camry.  He lived.  The most recent Toyota Camry tested aced its crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, and it earned the To Safety Pick+ designation.  Part of that test is the roof crush test.  In order to receive a top score, the vehicle must withstand four times its weight applied to the front driver’s corner of the roof.  The Camry exceeded the test’s requirement.    The Camry that this unfortunate window washer hit from above was in the right place at the right time.  In fact, it was moving.  Had the victim fallen onto the front former of the windshield he would most likely have hit the hardest spot on the top of the car.  As can be seen form the photos, the man luckily hit the softer rear part of the roof.  It likely saved his life.

Mohammed Alcozai was driving and said the impact was “Really loud and hard.”  He thought he had hit a bicyclist.  Mohammed is the second most lucky person involved in the accident.  Had the falling person hit the roof directly above him the impact may have compressed the roof enough to kill him.

Window Washer Camry fall

We have been monitoring the blogosphere for posts, but as of yet no conspiracy theorists have been able to pin this accident on sudden acceleration.  We remain vigilant and will report the story if proof surfaces.


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