Trooper Of the Year Catches Left Lane Bandit Red Handed

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“There’s never a policeman around when you need one.” This time there was, and he bagged a slowpoke holding up left lane traffic.  

This week in history, a policeman with the perfect name stopped that left lane bandit you have for so long despised. Sgt. Stephen Wheeles pulled the driver over after noticing that she had stacked up 20 cars behind her Chevy crossover in the left lane.

Traveling in the left lane except when passing is prohibited in many states. Including Indiana, thanks to a law enacted in July of 2015 by some governor “nobody has ever heard of” named Mike Pence. We’re glad Governor Pence had time to take care of that before his schedule got busy.

The idea behind these laws is that if you’re not the fastest vehicle in traffic at the moment you should move to the right. Pulling slowpokes out of the left lane, even if the cars behind them are speeding, serves a positive safety goal according to Sgt. Wheeles.

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Sgt. Wheeles is a pragmatist who understands that speed limits were designed for the largest most difficult to control vehicles on our roads in the worst of conditions. Keeping modern vehicles at the speed limit isn’t possible or practical in the real world. Wheeles knows that left lane bandits cause “many of our crashes on the interstates.”

This tweet about the left lane bandit and its follow-ups have gone viral. What’s interesting to BestRide, having looked at some of this officer’s other tweets, is that it is far from the most interesting. Just one example is this tweet from Sgt. Wheeles. An amazing photograph of a terrible crash in which there were no fatalities. As the caption explains, this was a crash at a work detail where many officers and construction workers spend their workday. This second scenario is a great reminder that staying to the left in a work zone is just as important as staying right when not passing.