UPDATE: GM CEO Mary Barra Comes Through For a 6 Year Old El Camino Fan

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A few weeks ago, we published a story about Rafael Barkan, who presented a petition to GM CEO Mary Barra to start making the Chevrolet El Camino again. Yesterday, Ms. Barra came through with a response to the six-year-old El Camino fan.


The letter reads:

Dear Rafael: 

Thank you so much for your letter. It was great to hear from a young man like you who has such a passion for automobiles, especially the Chevy El Camino. The El Camino is one of the most unique and creative designs in GM and all of automotive history.
Given your interest in classic cars, I hope you will consider at career in the auto industry one day. Studying math and science would be a great start. Who knows, maybe you will be the GM designer or engineer who brings back a modern day version of the El Camino! Keep working hard in school and always follow your dreams.
As a measure of our thanks, I hope you’ll enjoy the enclosed package of Chevrolet gift items, along with a designer’s starter kit to spur your creativity. And since you like cool designs, I’ll bet you and your dad will love the all-new Chevy Colorado mid-size pickup. You should check it out at your local Chevrolet dealership.
Thanks again for taking the time to write, and I wish you all the best. 
Mary Barra

Rafael’s dad Steve noted that when he read the letter to Rafael, he said “Does this mean they’re going to start making El Caminos?”

Rafael managed to generate 1,100 signatures in his online petition.

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