Valets be Warned: The 2015 Corvette is Watching You

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A few months back, you may have read about a technician at a Ferrari dealer in Connecticut crashing a Ferrari Enzo after it was left at the dealership for service.  If it was a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette, at least the owner would have the pleasure of watching it. The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette includes a feature called the Corvette Valet Mode that records 200 minutes of driving so you can at least identify the miscreant that went on a joyride after you tossed him the keys at Chez Paul.

Corvette Valet Mode locks the interior storage bins and disables the infotainment system, because you don’t want your valet distracted by the awesome power of the 10-speaker Bose audio system.

The cool part is that Corvette Valet Mode activates a 720p video camera concealed in the windshield interior trim, as well as a microphone to record audio. The GPS also activates to provide telemetry, and an 8 GB SD card stands ready to record 200 minutes of the valet’s drive to either the parking facility, or to the race track of his choice.

“Think of it as a baby monitor for your car,” said Harlan Charles, Corvette product manager. “Anyone who has felt apprehension about handing over their keys will appreciate the peace of mind of knowing exactly what happened while their baby was out of sight.”

One could argue that Cameron Frye was probably more blissful in his ignorance.


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