Value Shoppers Take Note – Hyundai’s New 3-Years Of Included Maintenance Starts Now

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Hyundai is a brand built on value. Now with three years of included maintenance, Hyundai’s vehicles offer an ownership cost lower than many of its competitors.

Let’s face it. We all despise spending money on maintenance shortly after buying a brand new car. Yet, we must, so we bite the bullet, and we shell out more cash for a vehicle we either just dropped five-figures on, or we are still paying for in installments each month. Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way? Toyota has been offering two years of complimentary maintenance on its vehicles for quite a while. In our reviews, we sometimes point this out as a way that Toyota vehicles have a valuable edge over the competition. Going forward, we will be saying the same of Hyundai vehicles.

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Hyundai’s new plan started on February 1, 2020. Hyundai vehicles purchased new on that date and later now include the first three years of routine maintenance in the purchase price of the vehicle. For almost all vehicles, the first three years of maintenance are mostly oil changes and tire rotations anyway, so the numbers at each visit are not huge. $70 to $125 is the typical bill for an oil change, or an oil change and tire rotation. Individually, these charges are not hardships, but over time they add up. We would value Hyundai’s new complimentary maintenance program at about $600. That number has a bit more punch.

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Taken alone, included maintenance by Hyundai isn’t an industry-changing event. However, coupled with the fact that Hyundai also offers an unusually long warranty period of up to ten years, the value equation for Hyundai is starting to look a bit one-sided in its favor compared to brands with no included maintenance and with a warranty that runs out in a short five years. “Hyundai has always been a company that listens to customers and strives to provide products and services that maximize value and simplify life,” said Barry Ratzlaff, chief customer officer, Hyundai Motor America. “Building on the strong foundation of America’s Best Warranty, Hyundai Complimentary Maintenance helps dealers ensure that our owners keep rolling with peace of mind.”

And it is not just included maintenance and warranty duration that sets modern Hyundai vehicles apart from the pack. Hyundai has also been at the top of important quality indexes in recent years. In fact, Hyundai, along with its sister brand Kia and its luxury brand Genesis, topped the most recent JD Power Initial Quality Study in 2019. And in Consumer Reports’ most recent rankings of brands, Hyundai finished ahead of not just mainstays like Honda, but also Acura, Infiniti, Cadillac, Tesla, and – wait for it – Mercedes-Benz.

Were Hyundai vehicles ho-hum behind the wheel it would be easy to dismiss the brand as “only” a value brand, but that is far from the case, In fact, in a recent round-up of hot-hatch cars we had tested and loved, the Hyundai Elantra GT Sport wasn’t just on the list, it was also the vehicle with the best MPG, best storage, and had features like Android Auto that even the most expensive car in the grouping did not offer.

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As happy as we are to report that Hyundai has joined the luxury Genesis and Jaguar brands in offering included maintenance, it would really thrill us if more brands would follow Toyota and Hyundai in the mainstream segments and begin to follow this trend.