Vice President Joe Biden: “Corvettes are better than Porsches”

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In the last eight years, Joe Biden has gone from potential loose cannon to huggy, laid-back, lady-checking-out cool guy. At this past Sunday, he once again professed his love for America’s sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette.

Biden’s not one to mince words, and at Yale University’s commencement address this Sunday, he put the Corvette on a pedestal.

“Now look,” Biden said, “I realize no one ever doubts I mean what I say. The problem occasionally is, I say all that I mean. I have a bad reputation for being straight, sometimes at inappropriate times.


“So here it goes—let’s get a couple things straight right off the bat: Corvettes are better than Porsches. They’re quicker and they corner as well. And sorry guys, a cappella is not better than rock and roll, and your pundits aren’t better than Washington pundits, although I’ve noticed that neither has any shame at all.”

Biden is a Corvette guy, something you’re probably not going to find a lot of at Yale. In 2014 he got a look at the Corvette Z06 and was suitably impressed. “There’s a lot of reasons to run for president, but there’s one overwhelming reason not to run for president,” Biden said at the United Auto Workers’ annual legislative conference in Washington. “I’d like to get that Z06 with zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds. Three point four seconds.”

Biden has a restored 1967 Corvette himself, but he was honest about its abilities at the conference. “[It’s a] quarter horse, man. That’s all it is, a quarter horse,” Biden said. “But that new Stingray, yoooo. Oh, oh, oh. It’s more than a quarter horse, even though it goes zero to 60 in [3.4] seconds — not that I like speed.”


“You tach that sucker up to six grand and this comes out of the hole like a bullet, man,” Biden said of the new Stingray.

“It also can track on a curve. It has a 106.7-inch wheelbase. It has more weight in the back for the first time ever,” he continued.

Porsche seems to be Biden’s white whale, concluding his comments at the UAW conference in ’14: “If I were not in this job, to take on my friend’s Porsche. I’m serious, it’s the best buy in America.”

(Source: Jalopnik)

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