VIDEO: 8 Ways Not to Tow a Car

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They say you can’t fix stupid, but you can sure tow it around for a while. Our pals over at have put together video examples of how not to tow a vehicle.

I’m starting to think that the most hazardous piece of equipment in anybody’s garage is a tow strap, because a bunch of these videos go like this:


Local idiot launches himself into (A) a snowbank (B) a gulley or (C) a riverbed.

Idiot then engages other imbeciles to haul him out of trouble by (A) pulling with a vehicle way too small (B) hauling up a near vertical incline or (C) attaching said tow strap to a part of the vehicle held on by trim fasteners.


That said, there are a fair number of these videos depicting actual professional tow truck drivers engaging in some pretty ridiculous behavior.


Naturally, Russian dash cams provide a lot of the entertainment.


Then there’s this guy, who toted a Nissan Hardbody pickup behind his RV for six miles with the rear end locked up.


You just can’t help watching this kind of stuff. Let it be your lesson how not to tow a vehicle. Click the link to watch all this comedy gold.

Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald

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