VIDEO: Behold, The New ‘Batman v Superman’ Batmobile

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New Batmobile

Batman is known for a couple of things. He wears a suit with a cape and a pointy bat-earred cowl to hide his identity, can be hailed by lighting up the skies of Gotham with the Bat Signal, and his ride is the ever-changing Batmobile.

It was cute and kitschy in the ’60s television show and has since morphed with successive movie appearances. The Dark Knight films had it turning into a full-on military vehicle, the Tumbler, and it was nearly a tank. It came with six rear flaps for help with braking, twin forward-firing machine guns, a rocket launcher, and the ability to deploy explosive mines. It was almost like the car couldn’t decide if it wanted to join the army or channel its inner James Bond.

The newest iteration of the Batmobile will make its debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which won’t hit theaters until March 25, 2016 so we’ve got a bit of a wait. Some folks are excited about the movie while others are living in fear of what Ben Affleck will do in the role of Batman. It’s hard for anyone to forget his first stint as a superhero in the train wreck that was Daredevil.

Affleck’s potential performance aside, this film still promises to bring plenty of superhero action and lots of impossible, over-the-top stunts with the new Batmobile. Helming the film is Zack Snyder who has decided to tone down the Tumbler and make it a bit sleeker and less army.

It’s not pulling any fancy stunts in this B-roll video but there are plenty of shots of the whole car and some nice close-ups. The well-armored car comes with machine guns and enough armor to ward off all the ineffective bullets the bad guys will shoot in its direction.

Visibility doesn’t look so great, but Batman ought to be used to that with that cumbersome cowl he wears. I’d imagine the inside has all sorts of gadgetry to make windows an unnecessary redundancy, but we won’t know for sure until next year.

What do you think? Is the new Batmobile looking good or did they miss the mark?