VIDEO: California Wildfire Ignites Trapped Cars On Cajon Pass Freeway

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california wildfire

A fast-moving wildfire in San Bernardino County California about 45 miles from Los Angeles crossed the highway today igniting cars sitting in traffic on I-15.  About 20 cars were destroyed.  Fire crews were themselves stuck in traffic and could not get to the scene of the fires.  Motorist fled the vehicles, and some took their keys, making it difficult for workers to remove the vehicles to clear the roadway. Fire retardant and water were dropped from helicopters to put out the blaze, but it didn’t help very much.  According to reports, the fires started off to the side of the I-15 freeway at about 2:30.  About an hour later the fire had spread to 50 acres.  Two hours later it covered 3,500 acres.

As the fire spread to the hills in the area, 40 mph winds fanned the flames.  Five home had been destroyed at the time of this report and more threatened.  Facts in this report courtesy of KTLA 5.