VIDEO: Canadian Dealership Buries WWII Jeep In Its Foundation

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The Jeep brand conjures images of Wranglers getting muddy off-road and of soldiers driving around in Willys in grainy WWII videos. What it doesn’t normally conjure are images of a Jeep buried beneath a glass floor, but that’s exactly what one dealership added to its showroom.

Bay King Chrysler in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada recently remodeled their showroom and was trying to find a way to incorporate a vintage 1943 Jeep Willys into the new design. Dealer principal Jamie Richter told Autoblog that the idea for burying the Jeep came from his brother.

He visited a home where the owner had a wine cellar that could be viewed from above through a glass floor, and the idea to do the same thing with their Jeep was born. It was quite an effort as this is a vintage vehicle and they were very careful not to damage it during the process.

The Willy even has its original serial number and Allied markings so it really is a little piece of history buried within this Jeep dealership. They constructed a wood lined display box with rocks on the bottom to hold the Jeep and then had to completely drain it of all fluids before it could be lowered into its new home.

Once it was ready, they had a local towing company lift it and bring it in through the doors to lower into the hole, very slowly. You can see in the video that there’s not a lot of clearance so if it had started to swing even the least bit there was a good chance of damage.

It’s all capped with triple-pane glass that will easily support the weight of people, and the kids we imagine probably jump up and down on it to see if it’s really sturdy. Safely in its new home, customers now walk across a piece of history as they enter the showroom.