VIDEO: Trucker Uses Drugs to Drive Coast-to-Coast Nonstop

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The United States is a big country. It takes about 48 hours to drive coast-to-coast, although with breaks for food and sleep it’ll take even the most aggressive road tripper twice that time. One truck driver proved otherwise when he made the trip all the way from Seattle, Washington to Deerfield, Massachusetts in one fell swoop.

If you’re thinking this is impossible for a normal human, you’d be close. The long-haul trucker who made the journey did it with a little illegal help in the form of a cocktail of drugs. He used cocaine, LSD, and crystal meth to keep himself awake enough to make the drive.

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Gary Robbins of Homer, Alaska finished his ill-advised road trip in a parking lot. An attentive employee noticed strange things afoot at the Circle K where Robbins stopped to refuel his rig. He was running around the parking lot and otherwise acting like, well, a guy who just finished driving across the country hopped up on cocaine, LSD, and crystal meth.

The police were called to the scene where a quick conversation with Robbins revealed signs of drug use. He was combative, his pupils were dilated, and Deerfield Police officer Adam Sokoloski determined he was a danger to himself and to the public.

Robbins had also managed to lock himself out of the truck and was trying to climb in through the space between the trailer and the cab. For reasons completely unknown, he threw his credit cards into the truck’s fuel tank, which was no help at all.

Robbins admitted to the drug use at the scene yet refused medical treatment. The good officers of the Deerfield PD insisted otherwise since the cocktail of drugs he managed to take is the kind of thing that kills people.

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This drug-fueled road trip resulted in a suspended license for Robbins and pending charges. His truck was also impounded and brought to the Whately truck stop for an inspection. Those credit cards in the gas tank can’t possibly bode well for the overall condition of this truck.