VIDEO: Hammond and May Turn Down $6.1 Million as BBC Plans to Air Final ‘Top Gear’ Episode

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Those who were holding out hope that Top Gear might still go on with James May and Richard Hammond are out of luck. They’ve said since the whole fracas began that they would not do the show without Jeremy Clarkson and they’re standing by their word. This comes even with a reported $6.1 million offer on the table.

The news comes from The Daily Mirror who says that the pair rejected the hefty offer to come back to the program without Clarkson in the mix. The rumor mill has been trying to figure out what the BBC plans to do about possible replacements with new contenders popping up on nearly a daily basis and it looks like that pattern isn’t going to change.

Some don’t want to see the show with anyone except Hammond, May, and Clarkson, but that’s definitely been out of the question for months. Hammond and May are always a possibility until they officially announce something new, so anything is possible.

This news does come from The Daily Mirror, so you can take that for what it’s worth. The BBC has undoubtedly lost some huge assets in the trio so a ridiculous offer to get even two of them to stay on board seems entirely possible. The big question is what they will do, together or apart, now that Top Gear as we knew it is gone.

The Mirror goes on to cite an inside source who says that their next stop might be Netflix. They would be joined by producer Andy Wilman on this possible venture which could likely make them just as much cash if not more than they would if they stayed on with the BBC.

This isn’t quite the end of Top Gear as there are the last few episodes of season 22 still hiding in the BBC archives. The channel has just announced that those last few episodes are definitely coming to your television in the form of one extended episode.

They’ve even released a promotional trailer which shows the boys up to their usual antics. It’s a last hurrah and it looks to be exactly what people love, or hate, about the show. The air date has yet to be announced, but at least they’re not hiding these episodes in a closet somewhere.