[VIDEO] Jessi Lang’s Long Road To Recovery

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Last year, Jessi Lang — the host of the Motor Trend Channel’s J-Turn — was nearly killed in a high-speed accident. Her latest video is tough to watch, but it delves deeply into healing the physical and mental scars from the accident. 

Jessi Lang had been hosting the Motor Trend Channel’s The J-Turn on YouTube for a year or so when she got the assignment of a lifetime: Fly to Germany, drive the Nürburgring, then head six hours south to the headquarters of ABT-Sportsline, a hyper car tuner that had just released the ABT R8 GTR, a stripped down, juiced up version of the Audi R8, with 620hp and a $400,000 price tag.

Getting familiar with the car, she was driving in the Autobahn’s speed lane with ABT-Sportsline’s head of PR Björn Marek. A car traveling at what Lang estimated was about a third her speed suddenly veered into the speed lane and Lang and Marek hit the car with barely time to react.

Thanks the the ABT R8 GTR’s roll cage, the pair was able to open the doors and escape the burning wreck, but the accident had taken its toll. She received compound fractures in her right leg, suffered several serious internal injuries and spent months in recovery.

We hear a lot about how safe modern cars are, and we read a lot about how amazing it is to drive these modern supercars at speed. But Jessi Lang’s video is a rare glimpse at how quickly it can all go wrong, and how long it takes to recover from an error that in a split second could have been avoided.

Craig Fitzgerald

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