VIDEO: Land Rover Discovery Sport Can Tow a Train

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Discovery Sport Train Tow

You expect a Land Rover to have plenty of capability along with a luxurious ride. It’s the combination of those two things that created Land Rover’s reputation and they aimed to prove it with a stunt performed with the Discovery Sport. They recently hooked their three-row SUV up to a train and then towed that train across a bridge.

The Discovery Sport first spent some time with Aquarius Road Technologies where they fitted it with special casters to keep it rolling steadily along the rails. These sit right in front of the tires and ensure the tires don’t slip off the narrow rails and ruin the stunt. Otherwise, the vehicle was unchanged with the exact same powertrain that’s available to customers who walk into a dealership.

The engine is, unfortunately, one we don’t get in the US. It’s a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder diesel with 177-horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. This is paired to a nine-speed automatic transmission and includes features like All-Terrain Progress Control and Tow Assist.

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It’s officially rated for towing 2.75 tons but tows considerably more in this video. They hooked the SUV up to three train cars that come in at a total weight of 119 tons. That’s the same weight as a Boeing 757, or 60 Discovery Sports. Now that we think about it, either of those options would have made equally impressive videos.

Once they hook up the car, it starts on a little journey across the 85-foot-high Hemishofen bridge in Switzerland. The bridge spans the Rhine River and at 935-foot long makes for quite the photo op.

This isn’t the first time Land Rover has towed a train to prove a point. They first performed this stunt back in 1989 with the Discovery I when it was initially launched.

The Discovery I had to use low-range gears to pull off the feat, but the Discovery Sport does one better. It uses its Terrain Response system to generate all the traction it needs.

They don’t go sprinting down the track but maintain a slow and steady speed of about 8 mph. It’s not just a few feet they move the trains either. Instead, they cover just over 6 miles of track and the Discovery Sport doesn’t break a sweat.

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The Discovery Sport recently won its class in the Tow Car Awards in the UK while the Discovery earned the Tow Car of the Decade Award. Chances are slim that you’ll suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to pull a trio of train cars, but between its awards and this video, Land Rover proves their point.