VIDEO: Land Rover Shows Off Intelligent Seats with Skydiving

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The all-new Land Rover Discovery has yet to make its official debut, but they’re not above teasing with videos of the new features we can expect to see. It’s not a piece of autonomous technology or even something special about the infotainment system in this video, but the Intelligent Fold Seats.

That doesn’t sound particularly exciting, so Land Rover came up with a rather exciting way of demonstrating this new feature. They recruited Land Rover owner and adventurer Bear Grylls to skydive out of a plane and demonstrate how it works.

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The Discovery is a three-row SUV with room for seven passengers, which means you’re going to be flipping seats up and down to fit different numbers of passengers and assorted cargo. Usually, this means pushing and pulling manual seats or pushing a button somewhere in the car. The Discovery does one better.

You can still stand there and push the buttons located in the cargo area and on the C-pillar or sit and use the dashboard touchscreen. What’s new is the ability to rearrange the seats from absolutely anywhere in the world through a smartphone app.

They really do mean anywhere, which is why they show Grylls jumping out of an airplane and reconfiguring the seats during freefall using a phone strapped to his wrist. Once he safely touches down he and his crew gather up their gear and hop right into the properly configured Discovery.

The system works using the Land Rover InControl Remote app for iOS and Android phones and is just one of the features that can be controlled remotely. You can also check that your windows are closed, verify the fuel level, and even set the air conditioning.

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Although it’s unlikely anyone will suddenly decide to reconfigure their seats while falling from the sky, this is still a very nice feature. If you’ve ever struggled to rearrange seats while your passengers wait, then you get why this is a big deal.

No one will have to stand there in the cold or rain complaining while they wait for the seats to slide into place. It can all be done from an app while you’re still happily inside your cozy warm home and takes only 14 seconds.

The Discovery is set to make its big debut in a few more weeks at the Paris Motor Show on September 28.