VIDEO: Luxury AND Performance!? Meet the 1979 Toyota Supra And Chuckle At Its Advert

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79 supra advert still youtube

With a tag-line like “When you’ve got it, you’ve got it” how could you resist the ’79 Toyota Supra?

It’s 1979 and Jimmy Carter is president.  “Le Freak” and “I Will Survive” are new hit songs.  After the newest episode of M.A.S.H. we watched news of a place called Iran holding our embassy staff hostage.  Good times, bad times.  On the automotive front the ’79 Corvette rocks a 195 hp V8.  If you have money to throw at an outgoing design you can step up to the 225 hp Super-Vette.  Or you could take a chance on a new sporty car that pulls in more luxury than most cars of the time.   Toyota had boosted its Celica by elongating the hood and implanting a fuel-injected, in-line six-cylinder engine.  A hand-crank sunroof and stand-alone cassette player were among the many innovations that would wow your friends.

79 supra mike stanton 1000

Rear-wheel drive and 4-wheel disc brakes made the car fun to drive, as did the standard five-speed manual transmission.  Check out Toyota’s advertisement to get the vibe on “The Powerful Pleasure.”

Second image of a 1979 Toyota Supra courtesy of Mike Stanton, Super Motor Sports