VIDEO: “Mad Max”/”Star Wars” Mashup Turns Furiosa into a Jedi

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Mad Max Star Wars

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the summer’s big hits. It’s hard not to like a movie that takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with crazily modified cars that have accessories like flamethrowers and machine guns. It couldn’t possibly be better, unless you give Furiosa a lightsaber.

As excited as the world was for a new Mad Max film, that excitement pales compared to the buzz surrounding the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Every new glimpse has legions of nerds losing their collective minds. Combining the two movies has the potential to make everyone’s heads explode.

This video by YouTuber Krishna Shenoi takes these two very different versions of the future and blends them into one. Instead of just cars chasing each other through the desert, X-wings and TIE fighters join the chase.

You’ll also find the already scary Immortan Joe and his respirator replaced by Darth Vader and his very noisy respirator. All that black armor has got to be killer in the desert sun.

Perhaps the best part of the entire video is Imperator Furiosa who is about as badass as they come, but becomes even more so when they hand her a lightsaber. She’d make a darn fine Jedi Knight, but if she ever turns to the Dark Side we are all in for trouble.

Her fight with Max from early in the movie is perfect and looks like it could be right out of a Star Wars film. There are visual cues all over that tie the two films together, but you have to pay attention or they’ll pass so quickly you won’t catch them all.

The Jakku Star Destroyer sits buried in the sand while the hunting parties cruise by, the twin suns of Tatooine hang in the sky, and there are cameos from Boba Fett, Sand People, a Twi-lek, and the hungry Sarlacc. There’s even a podracer that briefly joins the fray.

This is just a fan video, but the two worlds work so perfectly together that it is easy to believe this is a real trailer for a real movie. We all know how good the latest Mad Max is, but won’t know if J.J. Abrams pull off Star Wars: The Force Awakens until December. It won’t have Furiosa, but if it’s got some Mad Max grit, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.