VIDEO: Make Your Espresso with a Piston Coffee Press

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There are all sorts of fancy coffee and espresso machines out there and some of them are ridiculously expensive. If you want to make your morning espresso like you’re straight out of Italy, then there’s a machine that can make that happen. Or, you could build an espresso machine out of motorcycle parts.

Rulof Maker thought the whole motorcycle angle was a good idea and he has a knack for quirky DIY projects. Your first thought might be that although this would look cool, it might taste kind of gross. Not to worry.

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In a thorough how-to video, Maker goes through the process of cleaning all the bits and pieces to make sure that your fancy motorcycle espresso maker doesn’t make your coffee taste like an engine. Unless you like that kind of grit in your morning coffee.

He uses glass cleaner to scrub off all the burnt bits stuck to the piston and cylinder and then disinfects it so the old parts look like they could be new. Coffee-ready parts in hand, he constructs a metal container for the grounds and a funnel for the boiling water.

The end result is something that, at first glance, looks more like a drill press than a coffee maker. There are no shiny chrome bits or fancy drip trays. The base of the whole thing is made out of wood and has a handle similar to what you’d find on the average kitchen drawer.

It’s the most Mad Max-looking coffee maker we have ever seen. What makes it even more brilliant is that he brews a cup of coffee into a dainty little teacup that looks more suited to grandma’s afternoon tea than a cup of coffee brewed with motorcycle parts.

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Lest you think he is merely brewing this coffee with no intention of drinking it, there is an on-camera tasting. He could be faking it, but he seems to rather like the stuff.

So, when your current coffee machine finally dies, don’t spend a small fortune ordering a fancy new one. Instead, just troll the junkyard for spare parts and make your own. If you do build one, we’d love to see it.