VIDEO: Man Clings to Moving School Bus in Fit of Road Rage

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Sometimes things go wrong and you completely lose your cool. Once the moment has passed, you can often look back and see you may have overreacted to a situation. That’s likely what this guy in Maryland is doing after he jumped onto the front bumper of a bus and started punching the hood as the bus drove away.

This wasn’t a case of road rage where the driver of the bus did something to seriously annoy his unwanted passenger. Instead, it was something one of the passengers on the school bus did that had the man so angry.

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The man in question is Leverne Doran of Nottingham, Maryland and he claims someone threw a bottle at his car while they were waiting next to each other at a stoplight. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. The bus was full of middle school kids and, if memory serves me right, that’s a rather chaotic scene on a good day.

Doran reportedly got out of his car and started banging on the bus door. The driver decided it was unwise to open the door and let the very angry man on the bus with a bunch of kids, which was a good call. What happened next was a bit of bad judgement on the part of all the grown-ups involved in the incident.

The guy walked around to the front of the bus as it started to move and hopped up on the bumper, probably thinking it would stop. Nope. The bus driver didn’t stop and Doran simply held onto the hood and started punching it for all he was worth.

He yelled while he punched, telling the driver to open the door while the driver yelled at him to get off the bus. Doran eventually told the driver to call the cops, not knowing the driver has decided to head to the local precinct for help already. An off-duty officer in the area intervened before they got to the police station.

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Doran, despite his awkward T.J. Hooker impersonation, is now facing charges including disturbing the peace and destruction of property. No matter what a kid throws at you from a school bus window, beating on the bus and screaming at the driver like some kind of lunatic is not going to work out in your favor.

The kids, well, they just had the school bus ride of their lives and sounded absolutely delighted with the entire ordeal.