VIDEO: Matthew McConaughey Returns in Weird Lincoln Continental Ad

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Celebrity spokespeople get paid lots of cash to try and sell us stuff. The idea is that we will somehow be convinced to buy a product simply because a famous person says it’s cool. This is Lincoln’s hope with its celebrity spokesman, Matthew McConaughey, and he’s back in a commercial for the new Lincoln Continental.

We first saw McConaughey shilling for Lincoln back in September 2014 in a series of commercials that were odd. No, that’s not fair. They weren’t odd. They were flat out weird and disconcerting and had everyone wondering what the heck Lincoln was thinking.

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One ad had McConaughey sitting in a Lincoln MKC in the middle of the road while staring down a bull named Cyrus. He also seemed to be having a chat with Cyrus or maybe just himself. After a moment he decides Cyrus owns the road so he turns around and heads the other way. What this has to do with the Lincoln MKC is still a mystery.

The spot was so weird it worked. Everyone was talking about it and there were a few parodies that were better than the original commercial. Ellen Degeneres made possibly the best parody. It featured her in the back seat heckling McConaughey. She sits there chatting away and nibbling some very special brownies that are the only possible explanation for what McConaughey was doing in the ad in the first place.

Not to be left out of the action, Conan O’Brien had some fun with the Lincoln ads, too.

A later spot had McConaughey driving around talking about finding his roots. Once again, the man is talking to himself and looking for all the world like he got his hands on another batch of those special brownies.

At this point, the mockery spread from comedians to the authorities. The Cedar Hill Police Department in Texas made a parody featuring one of their officers driving a squad car around town. It’s particularly fabulous because they even mock their own car, which happens to be a Ford Explorer.

Now, good old McConaughey is back with a new commercial for a new Lincoln. This time it’s the Continental and it has the actor standing in ankle deep water staring at the car. He is, of course, talking to himself. They stepped things up by having McConaughey drive the car and ride in the back seat at the same time.

Seems like the firm in charge of Lincoln’s advertising has an endless supply of those special brownies on hand.

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