VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz Shows Off GLE in ‘Jurassic World’

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Mercedes-Benz Jurassic World

Mercedes-Benz is a brand with an exclusive pedigree. They make cars that combine beauty and performance and are associated with a very upscale lifestyle. Now, they’re also associated with deadly, killer dinosaurs thanks to a tie-in with Jurassic World.

There are all kinds of Mercedes-Benz vehicles making an apperance on-screen to try to keep our heroes one step ahead of the dinos. There are G-Wagens, Sprinters, and GLE Coupes all out to prove that they’re the car you want when the dinosaurs get lose and try to have us all as an afternoon snack.

There’s also a Unimog “Mobile Veterinary Unit” that looks like the coolest of the lot. It’s the one kids are going to want as a toy and, let’s be honest, it’s the one we’d all like to have for real. Unless you are a real geneticist/veterinarian/madman who is working to bring back the dinosaurs, you’re going to have a hard time explaining what this is doing in your driveway.

Mercedes-Benz Mobile Veterinary Unit

The one everyone needs no excuse to buy is the Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe. It’s a 5-passenger SUV with AWD and will be available this fall as a gas, diesel, or plug-in hybrid. Performance models of the GLE will have up to 557 horsepower, which sounds like a lot unless you’re being chased by a T-Rex. There is no amount of horsepower in the world that could be adequate for fleeing a dinosaur.

This commercial shows off a few of the cars that will be in the movie with clips from the film that should make fans happy. It looks like we will all once again be sleeping with the lights on just in case a dinosaur decides to pay a late night visit.

The cars are cool and it’s a neat tie-in for Mercedes-Benz, but the coolest vehicles in the film don’t sport their badge. The weird bubble pods people ride around in are by far the niftiest bit of Jurassic World tech. I think Mercedes-Benz ought to brand those suckers because they look like they’d be a great way to get through rush hour traffic.

See Jurassic World with its fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in theaters on June 12th.