VIDEO: Monstah Sinkhole Closes Rt. 93 North in New Hampshire

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A huge sinkhole closes Rt. 93 north in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has a reputation for having the best roads in New England and for being able to build entire lanes and bridges faster than it takes Massachusetts to repave a rest area.  Here in the expanded Boston Area we are used to road closures.  Five-year long bridge “repairs” and the complete repaving of roads in back to back years creates a mental toughness that Boston commuters develop to keep from going bonkers.  Snow measured in feet results in holes in the road that will break a rim, but not our spirits.  Today’s new twist on a major artery closure is a Florida-style sinkhole on the North-bound side of Route 93 in New Hampshire near Concord.  For those not from the area, that is the approximate area that many start their daily Boston commute.  The hole is roughly the length of a VW Golf and about the width of a Corolla.  It is about two Accords deep.

New Hampshire DOT officials told CBSLocal that the estimated repair time will be three to six hours.  NH State Police Dispatcher Kim Sheridan told the Boston Herald that the New Hampshire Department of Transportation is already on scene.  Sheridan said, “There’s nothing dire about the situation.  It just needs a road repair. Traffic will move but expect that there will be some delays along the Concord area between exits 13 and 14 (when it re-opens).”

It didn’t take long for local commuters to try to get an up close and personal look at the hole.  According to CBSLocal,  one man drove around the cones blocking the on-ramp to the road and approached the sinkhole and the group of workers and police.  The driver was arrested after a breathalyzer test showed his blood alcohol limit was three times the legal limit.  This occurred during rush hour.