Pet crash tests

VIDEO: Pet Crash Testing – How Subaru Helps Keep Our Furry Friends Safe In Cars

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Pet crash tests

The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) has been conducting crash tests of animal safety products for years.  Now they have one major automaker’s full support.

Relax, it’s an animal crash test dummy.  It just looks real.  So do all the other crash test dummies the Center for Pet Safety uses.  You just want to hug ’em.  CPS has been conducting crash tests evaluating the safety of pets for some time.  Now Subaru has stepped up and will fund further testing.  Subaru’s support will help CPS evaluate the effectiveness of pet crates and carriers and help find the safest ways to secure those carriers in vehicles.

56% of Americans drive with pets in the car.  However, ,Subaru owners have a  much higher percent of pet ownership that that average, as Michael McHale, Subaru’s director of corporate communications explained, saying “Pet safety is very important to Subaru as more than half of Subaru drivers are pet owners, with over 69% of them owning at least one dog. We feel a sense of responsibility to inform pet parents of safety measures they can take.” McHale went on to say.   “We want to make pet parents aware of proper safety measures they can take to help protect their pets. Following the previous study with CPS, we were delighted to support this next stage in testing.”

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Subaru’s support or CPS began in 2013.  As it has in the past, NHTSA will also help out and lend the use of its testing laboratory.  With Subaru and others supporters helping out, CPS plans to create a crate sizing and best practices guide by the end of this summer.  Lindsey Wolko, Center for Pet Safety’s founder and CEO thanked Subaru in a recent statement saying,  “We are very excited to once again have the support of Subaru, allowing the independent examination of pet crates and carriers. Subaru understands the importance of safety of all passengers including our four-legged friends.”