VIDEO: Rag & Bone Destroys a Classic Porsche And It Does Not Go Over Well

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Rag & Bond Porsche

Rag & Bone is a high-end clothing company. They want to convince you to buy their $300 shirts by putting them on a models who look bored and bothered at the prospect of simply being alive. They just don’t care about anything and neither should you because, whatever. Rag & Bone chose to kick off their fall ad campaign by showing they care so little, they have no problem dropping a concrete barrier onto a beautiful 1979 Porsche 911SC.

The result is one completely destroyed classic car and a bored model, still wearing overpriced designer clothes, lurking in the background. No one at Rag & Bone cares. Cars? Meh. This is art. They were happy not caring until the video went live and the automotive world rightly lost its collective mind.

What the heck were they thinking?

They thought, in their not caring way, that the internet would think the stunt was artsy and cool. They thought it would make everyone buy their clothes in hopes of being as artsy and cool as the model and the poor smashed Porsche. In reality, the internet thinks they’re a bunch of idiots and Rag & Bone has garnered not a single new fan of their overpriced clothing.

The automotive world was obviously not their target market, but the outrage at the destruction of a classic car for no real reason is not good press. Their target market is people who care enough to spend a fortune on clothing that makes them look like they don’t care. Those people will not likely want to be associated with a company that destroyed a classic car. Classic stuff is cool. Destroying classic stuff is not.

The internet has rallied to show their disapproval by giving a plethora of thumbs down ratings to their video on YouTube. They’ve also left some scathing and rather witty comments expressing their displeasure. It won’t bring back the poor Porsche from the dead, but it’s probably making angry enthusiasts feel a little bit better.

The best response yet comes from Hagerty, a classic car insurance company. They created a parody video that features three stunning Porsches lined up in a courtyard. In the background, a Rag & Bone dress hangs limp on a hanger before being set on fire. It is a glorious blaze. Feel free to cheer.