VIDEO: ‘Roadkill’ Goes Nuts With a Dodge Viper and Two Hellcats

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Dodge Trio

Dodge has produced some of the most talked about, most beastly cars on the planet these days. The Dodge Viper, Dodge Hellcat Charger, and Dodge Hellcat Challenger are one heck of a trio and the guys at Roadkill had some fun with them, doing what every one of us would do given the chance.

Dodge decided to turn over these three amazing cars to the guys at the Motor Trend show because they are now the official sponsors of the program. They decided to kick things off with a bang, or at least a lot of tire smoke, and the Roadkill team was happy to oblige.

Just to take stock of what they were given, we need some numbers. There are the new Hellcats which each boast 707 horsepower as long as you use the red keys. Use the black keys and you can’t access the power of these fully armed and operational muscle cars. Just forget the black keys even exist.

Then there’s the Viper GT which is a genuine supercar. It has an 8.4-liter V10 with 645 horsepower and a top speed of 206 miles per hour. Any one of these makes for an amazing ride, but put all three of them together and it’s almost too much to handle.

That’s why Roadkill hosts David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan brought in a little help. The last thing you want to do with three sweet cars handed to you by your new sponsor is destroy them within ten seconds of getting behind the wheel. The cars survive, mostly. The tires, eh, don’t ask.

They bring in Carlos Lago from Motor Trend, Fred Williams from Dirt Every Day, and pro drifter Tony Angelo for a little help. They decide to get all kinds of technical on a closed air strip and see who’s the master of burnouts, drifting, and basically who can destroy their tires first. Then they release their inner Bo and Luke Duke in the dirt.

There is so much burned rubber and so much don’t try this at home that it is impossible to watch this video without smiling. Unless you’re the folks at Dodge because those guys are all wondering who the heck decided to hand these three cars over to this lot.

Roadkill¬†is pretty much known for turning half-built beaters into serious race cars, so driving new stuff is pretty new territory. Some fans weren’t happy about it. It’s something that Freiburger mentioned on his own Facebook page before the video dropped.

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