VIDEO: Shmee’s Gumball 3000 McLaren Is Ready For Vegas Baby!

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Shmee Gumball McLaren 650S Spyder

The annual Gumball 3000 motor rally is set to take participants from Stockholm, Sweden to Las Vegas, Nevada. This is about the most posh rally you can imagine with a huge collection of supercars all brought together for one epic journey. YouTuber Shmee150 will be driving his McLaren 650S Spyder with a special wrap that’s a tribute to the rally’s Las Vegas finish line.

The rally doesn’t take place on a track, but on public roads across two continents. It’s become a showcase for people with supercars and lots of money to burn. There are plenty of celebrities from movie stars to musicians who all take part in the 3000-mile rally. Shmee has participated in the race for several years, so this is nothing new to him, although the wrap he has given to his McLaren was specially designed just for this year’s event.

The car was already a bright Mantis Green without the wrap but Shmee has turned it into a brilliant deck of cards by adding hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs all over the car. Take a look at the wheels and you’ll see they’re themed too. A black and red pattern has them looking like roulette wheels and he says there are even dice valve caps on the way to complete the impression.

Registration for the rally happens this Saturday in Stockholm and the cars roll out on Sunday, May 24th making stops in Oslo, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. There the cars will all be loaded onto aircraft for their trip across the ocean. Drivers get their own private charter flight to Reno, Nevada where they’ll start the US leg of the tour the very next day.

The drive will then move through San Francisco, Los Angeles, and then finally on to Las Vegas where it all wraps up on Saturday, May 30th. The Las Vegas theme on Shmee’s car is only temporary so, once its stint in Vegas is over, the car will return to its usual green-only look.

There will be plenty of other crazy cars along with Shmee’s Vegas McLaren. A glow-in-the-dark Aston Martin DBS, David Hasselhoff in his KITT-themed Nissan GTR, and two more Vegas-themed McLarens are just a few of the cars that will be a part of this year’s rally.

It’s sure to be quite a spectacle. The whole thing is all about showing off cars, and the kind of people who buy supercars are generally pretty good at showing off.